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Restore your body and improve your quality of life at Turning Point Acupuncture West Seattle in King County, WA. From infertility issues to chronic pain management, our family medicine clinic specializes in homeopathic treatments that will keep you healthy, happy, and rejuvenated. 

About Turning Point Acupuncture West Seattle

Our family medicine clinic was founded over two decades ago by Laura Gramly-Kelley. Laura is a licensed acupuncturist and East Asian medicine practitioner with a master’s degree in Chinese medicine and social work. Our clinic officers acupuncture treatments for men, women, and children. Laura is specialized in treating infertility in both males and females. Acupuncture is one of the best homeopathic treatments for infertility, and with the help of this treatment and Chinese herbs, Laura successfully conceived her daughter at the age of 45. 

mother and child

High Success Rate

Turning Point Acupuncture West Seattle has a high success rate of helping women conceive and an even higher success rate in preventing miscarriages. Laura is an expert in finding the right treatment for both men and women. Even if women have a history of miscarriages, complications become rare after Laura’s acupuncture treatments. 

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Flexible Payment Options

Our family medicine clinic is proudly accepting new patients. We work with many major insurance providers and accept most payment methods. If you have questions about our treatments, we’re always available for a consultation. 

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